Zimbabwe Country Overview






12 311 143


GDP per capita


Agriculture value added (% of GDP)

Literacy rate Men

92.8%    (2000)

94.2%   (2003)

Literacy Rate Woman

84.7%    (2000)

87.2%   (2003)

Life Expectancy Men


44 (2008)

Life Expectancy woman


45 (2008)

Unemployment rate

Inflation rate (consumer prices)

80% (2005)

14.9 billion% (2008)



UNEP, CIA fact book, World press, World Bank, Index Mundi

Zimbabwe ranks 146th out of 178 countries, under the human development index. Zimbabwe currently suffers from an unemployment rate of 95% (CIA World Fact Book 2009). 68% of the population lives under the poverty line (CIA World Fact Book, 2004).

Zimbabwe has suffered a declining economy for years. However, since the formation of the unity government, change of currency to the US Dollar and numerous other contributing factors, Zimbabwe has begun to get back onto its feet.  Zimbabwe prevails in the mining and agriculture sectors and with budget revenue increases from US$ 133 million to US$ 975 million and a promising GDP growth rate, Zimbabwe can look to prosperity.