AfricaWorks focus is on economically empowering vulnerable groups suffering at the hands of poverty. We provide and facilitate sustainable opportunities for these groups to gain ownership and power over their devastating circumstances, to ensure that they are able to support themselves and their family as well as build a foundation of sustenance that will allow this empowerment to live on from generation to generation. We are building the vulnerable up towards holistic transformation.

AfricaWorks seeks to establish sustainable agri-business entities, provide financial services and support the development of small to medium enterprises (SME's) along the value chain amongst marginalized communities, with the guiding principle of empowering individuals and local enterprises to operate as viable business entities and join the expanding market economy.

The overall objective is poverty reduction amid vulnerable groups through the provision of income generated opportunities. AfricaWorks offers its services throughout the project development process and thereafter, as we are dedicated to seeing our clients succeed.

AfricaWorks is focused on 3 main sectors:
Agribusiness: This includes both crop production and poultry. Agri-business identifies business opportunities in the agriculture supply-production marketing value chain and assists in building these businesses with vulnerable groups.

Trade: Is primarily focused on micro-credit loans to economically active people living in the peri-urban and rural areas.

Small to Medium Enterprises: AfricaWorks provides larger loans and offers business assistance and support in the development of Small to Medium Enterprises.


AfricaWorks Strategy
AfricaWorks is focused on establishing sustainable community based business models. With the high poverty levels among rural communities, it is important that sustainable income generating activities are developed in which rural communities not only participate, but also are recognized as partners and eventually owners. AfricaWorks believe that smallholder commercialization that encompasses value addition and address the value chain up to ready markets are the best and quickest approach to ensuring a thriving rural private sector.

Our operating strategy builds upon a foundation of initial donor funding which enters our business community in the form of a revolving loan which is paid off by clients over a period of time. This repayment will be placed back into projects thus creating sustainability of AfricaWorks loan banks. After this point, the business models should no longer require donor-based funding as it will survive and continue to impact the communities to the benefit of all stakeholders on its own profits.

AfricaWorks will continue to build the capacity of the beneficiaries through training, mentoring and timely monitoring and evaluation.  AfricaWorks will also continue helping farmers associations and entrepreneurs to ensure that they are able grow their businesses from the subsistence level to viable small to medium size businesses thus stimulating economic empowerment.

It is our strong belief that a strong and economically vibrant rural private sector grounded on solid Christian spiritual principles and practices will not only create employment leading to income and wealth creation across the province but also mobilize and empower the Church in the name of Christ to the glory of God.