AfricaWorks started running its microcredit trade sector in 2008 after AfricaWorks bought over a micro-credit company called FCC. Thereafter AfricaWorks began business from the already existing FCC portfolio. Reaching people in rural areas is critical as two thirds of Mozambique's population lives in rural areas. The trade sector is primarily focused on providing micro loans to economically active people living in peri-urban and rural areas. Risk assessments for each potential client are first conducted. To those whose applications are accepted, micro loans are awarded and repayment rates and periods are confirmed. AfricaWorks has 6 branch locations where micro loans are being administered, Maputo, Chokwe, Massinga, Xai-Xai, Maxixe, Vilanculo. Most of our clients are women with an average loan size of around US$350. We have a repayment rate of 99% together with a self sustainability rate of over 100%. Most clients have successfully gone through repeated loan cycles and have been able to grow their businesses and support their families.