Tinashe Chitambira is one of the founding members of AfricaWorks and has held positions of senior manager in agribusiness & SME advisor for AfricaWorks Mozambique.

He has extensive experience in agriculture, community development, the implementation of agriculture development programs and agri-business commercial projects.  He has been responsible for the development of the production and value chain interventions in fruit, vegetable, cotton, grain crops and poultry. He coordinates the implementation and replication of agribusiness and food security models by promoting viable market driven and community based businesses in agriculture.

Prior to joining AfricaWorks, Tinashe Chitambira worked as a project manager, program manager in community development; agribusiness consultant, operations director and branch manager in the cotton industry in Zimbabwe. He holds a BSc Honors degree in Agriculture from the University of Zimbabwe and is an MBA finalist. In 2009 he was nominated and identified as an Inspired Individual by TearFund (UK) under their Inspired Individual Initiative as a Christian social entrepreneur. Tinashe is married to Naomi and they have 3 children: Mietani, Rhulani and Litsako.