Chickens are possibly the largest livestock contributor in the diet of smallholder sectors. They also play a major role in poverty alleviationand food security at household level. There are no barriers to chicken meat consumption (religious or otherwise) thus; they are the most common source of animal protein. They also costitute a surce of income if sold.

AfricaWorks (AW) is currently working with 2 poultry operations in Mozambique– Novos Horizontes (NH) in the north, and Mozambique Farms in the south. NH is expanding rapidly with a first class feed mill, incubator, layer operation, processing plant and over 200 outgrowers. AW has provided financing for the start-up of some of the outgrowers. Funding is currently being sought to double the number of chickens of each outgrower. Currently beneficiaries have 500 chickens at one time, and the plan is to increase that to 1000.

NH contracts the outgrowers to take day-old chicks, along with the necessary feed and immunizations, and raise them until 35 days old. NH then takes them back and either sells them directly or processes them into frozen export quality chicken. Novos Horizontes has created over 800 jobs to date, with more coming.

AW is setting up a similar partnership with Mozambique Farms, another commercial poultry operation that will create 100 jobs by September 2009 and more as funding permits. The first 5 outgrowers are now in operation. AW is providing technical assistance and providing the financing for building the structures.