Currently AfricaWorks (AW) Mozambique has 5 irrigation schemes covering 142.5 hectares in operation. The overall objective is to economically empower rural farmers through establishing sustainable, viable, community based, scalable and market driven models in crop production. The idea is to allow these farmers who will become our clients the opportunity to grab control and thus gain ownership over their poverty infused circumstances.

The majority of our client’s currently share their wealth by supporting an average of 6 orphan children and 2-3 sick people affected by HIV/AIDS.

Here’s how the crop production sector works:

Each of the irrigation schemes are located in a village where interested individuals form a group and apply for the opportunity to have their land fall into our system. AW in collaboration with the community leadership, selects the farmers who will participate in the program.

AW first assists the farmers in forming an association amongst themselves which will facilitate capacity building in micro enterprise management, crop production, irrigation management and marketing. The AW agribusiness unit then provides loans to these farmers in order to implement an appropriate irrigation scheme in an efficient and successful manner. Constant technical support is provided by AfricaWorks for each area in order to monitor and improve their level of productivity and thus income.

The advantage of farming under irrigation is that it enables the farmers to produce all year round, two main crops, maize and beans. Thus clients are able to earn an income all year round without depending solely on rainfall.

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