Virgin Coconut Oil

Africa Oil Works is a locally owned business based in Maxixe, Inhambane using local coconut resources to benefit the local economy while producing high quality Virgin coconut oil (VCO).  AfricaWorks is a major shareholder and assists in technical support.

This business started as a project of World Relief (an AW partner) with the intent to boost the local economy of Maxixe.  Africa Oil pays top local prices for fresh coconuts to local tree owners when they bring their mature coconuts to the factory.  This assists the owners by reducing the hard labor needed to make the traditional copra (bulk dried coconut) and provides a higher level of income for the same produce they would have used to make low-value copra. 

Africa Oil buys coconuts from over 200 families in the area surrounding the production facility.  Our coconut providers are mostly women and children, those left behind by the HIV pandemic and exit of men for jobs in South Africa or Maputo.  Our factory workers also assist the community by helping to care for orphans and people living with AIDS.

Our factory uses the Direct Micro Expression (DME) process to add significant value to what is traditionally a low value crop in the region.  The resulting virgin coconut oil product is an amazingly high quality edible oil providing nutraceutical and health benefits.  While traditional copra oil has received a bad rap in the marketplace, VCO’s characteristics make it one of the healthiest oils produced in Mozambique, if not the world.  (If you want to learn more about VCO, just “Google” virgin coconut oil.)

Presently our product brands include CocOleoMoz, for culinary uses and Só Natural, used for skin and hair applications.  All our products are organic certified, 100% natural, with no added chemicals, colorants or preservatives.