Clara Mathe


Principal Member’s Name       : Clara Mathe
Date of Birth                           : 1959
Sex                                         : Female

Clara Mathe is a widow with 5 children Jorge (31yrs), Marieta (29yrs), Cidalia (28yrs), Moises (23yrs) and Sara (14yrs). Clara and her family are supporting 3 orphaned grandsons, Xadreque (8yrs), Luis (6yrs) and Cidalia (4yrs.) The are also looking supporting 2 widow sisters.

Clara’s biggest challenge is that she does not have sufficient shelter and struggles to raise money for school fees for her children together with the orphans. Clara actually lives in the chicken house. Fortunately she is has begun a poultry business, having 1000 chickens. Before Clara began this broiler business with AfricaWorks, she was alcohol dependent; she is no longer dependent on the substance.